Magic Nickel Nail Coin Stuck to Floor Prank

  • $5.99

Multiple magic pranks in one!  This is a classic prank prop that everyone should have; it’s simply a US five cent coin (nickel) with a metal nail attached to the back of it.  Gently hammer the coin into a wooden deck or asphalt driveway and watch people helplessly try to pick up the nickel for years to come!  You’ll watch with joy as person after person attempts to pick up the free money on the ground and then FAILS because it is permanently stuck in place! The prank that keeps on giving!  Perfect to set up around your house for April Fools Day!  You can also perform the Nickel On The Head Trick as seen on How To Magic!  So many possibilities!  Get yours today and start “nailing” some fun magic prank performances!

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