Prank Squirt Bottles (Pack of 2)

  • $9.99

Classic squirt bottle prank (Comes with both  the Ketchup and Mustard bottle varieties)!  The inside of each bottle contains a nylon string in the same color as the condiment bottle, as you squeeze the bottle sharply the string will shoot out of the nozzle and convince your prank victim that you are squirting ketchup or mustard onto their clothes!  

  • Easy to do!
  • Instantly repeatable!
  • Prank 2-Pack Includes Phony Prank Mustard Bottle & Phony Prank Ketchup Bottle!
  • Quality plastic & nylon construction lasts for 1000s of pranks!

A harmless (and hilarious) prank to play on friends and family!

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