Vice Mint Squeeze Magic Trick

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Magically squish a Lifesaver breath mint between your fingers!  A fresh trick called Vice by Jeff Prace which includes a whole bunch of extra squished mints (50 total mints), gear to make a fake Lifesaver package, and 2 rubber mints to do amazing tricks with!

Handing out an impossible object as a souvenir is one of the most memorable things you can do to close a routine.  Vice is exactly that.

Vice allows you to take out a simple Lifesavers hard candy mint, gently hold it between your fingers and slowly squeeze the candy until it is fully compressed and distorted. This is where most tricks stop, but with Vice, you can instantly hand out the crushed mint as a souvenir. Your spectator can even taste the mint to verify that it is real!

Easy to perform, yet absolutely amazing.  You'll love the stunned looks on people's faces as they hold the mint in their hands wondering how you made a hard candy easily bend at your fingertips!

Includes everything you need to start performing immediately.

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 Check out the video below for a cool performance & explanation of the trick  

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