Magic Squirting Coin Prank

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Magic squirting nickel!  A harmless and astonishing prank: a metal coin produces a jet stream of water impossibly squirting from the front!

The Prank: Ask you friend if they can see the lawn sprinklers in front of Jefferson's Monument.  When they take a look, give the coin a squeeze!  Real water squirts out into their face!  Fun and Hilarious Joke Squirts Over 3 Feet Made From A Real Coin!

  • Perform incredible magic with skillful deception that will AMAZE your friends and family!
  • Easy-to-learn & FUN to perform!
  • Great GIFT for the magic hobbyist or professional!
  • Made from A Real Decommissioned US Nickel 5-Cent Coin!
  • Learn the SECRET!  Customize and create YOUR own magic tricks!
  • Includes clear, step-by-step instructions as needed.

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