Magic Razor Slash Prank

  • $15.99

As seen on How To Magic, the Razor Slash is the perfect prank for Halloween (or any time of year!)

A razor blade is shown and as it is drawn across your skin (usually the hand or wrist) and blood seemingly comes gushing out from the razor cut.  A near-perfect illusion that's alarming realistic!  While your audience freaks out at your self-inflicted incision, you grab a napkin and as use it to magically heal the wound!  The blood is wiped away and your skin is shown free of any cuts, injuries or scars!  There is no preparation to your skin whatsoever; this illusion is complete self-contained!

  • As ghoulish as this trick looks, it is actually 100% Safe!  (The Gimmicked Razor is MADE FROM METAL but has a DULLED EDGE to protect your skin)
  • Instantly resets for more performances; prank everyone at the party as you repeat the trick all night long!

FREE Stage Blood included with every Magic Razor Slash Prank!

Give them a trick instead of a treat this Halloween (or anytime)!  Get yours today!  L@L


NOTE: This trick is an EvanEraTV Exclusive and only available from us and our supplier; therefore qualities are very limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Very rare product.  Please order now to ensure you get one before they sell out; once The Razor Slash has sold out, they'll be gone forever.