Magic Zig Zag Rope Trick

  • $5.99

The Magic Zig Zag Rope Box Revealed!  As seen on How To Magic, this cool rope trick is the perfect easy illusion for school or home :)  The Cut and Restored Rope Trick has been astonishing people around the world for many years, but this little gadget makes performing it easier than ever!  A solid piece of rope (thoroughly inspected by your audience) is visually chopped in half into two separate pieces and then impossibly rejoined in your Zig Zag Box!  The audience can examine the rope BEFORE and AFTER the trick - there are no cuts, breaks, magnets or glue!  Beginner magicians will love this trick for how easy it is to perform, and absolutely amazing for your spectators!  Fun and self-working magic that anyone can do!  Get yours today!

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