Magic Snowstorm in China Trick (Pack of 10)

  • $9.99

As seen on How To Magic, this is one of the most beautiful and visual pieces of magic available!  Tear white tissue paper into pieces (included), then crumple the pieces together and dip them into a glass of water.  Place the dampened tissue into your hand...

You take out a fan and wave it back and forth under the hand holding the damp pieces. Your audience will be amazed to see tiny pieces of tissue resembling snowflakes!  As the fan is moved back and forth, more and more snowflakes impossibly emerge from your hand!  This trick creates a BEAUTIFUL image as snowflakes float and cascade through the air.  Absolutely Magical! 

The perfect trick for the holiday season!


*Comes with a Pack of 10 Paper Confetti Packets, Tissue Paper Sheets, and Full Written Instructions (Fan Not Included)

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