Magic Mis-Made Dollar Bills

  • $14.99

As seen on How To Magic, the Mis-Made Dollar Bill is now available to you!  Imagine borrowing a United States one-dollar-bill and with just a few simple folds transforming it into an impossible state - a Mis-Made Dollar Bill with the corners in the center and the center in the corners!  The spectators may thoroughly examine the bill - frozen in this impossible state - as there is no glue, tape, or other adhesive!  This strange Mis-Made Dollar Bill is genuine, 100% U.S. Currency.  This is the original, genuine, and only authorized version of the Mis-Made Dollar Bill!



  • One expertly manufactured Mis-Made Dollar Bill made using the careful guidelines of James Lewis to ensure the highest quality product.
  • Thorough instructions with 39 step-by-step illustrations.
  • An easy and effective handling of the bill switch.
  • Extra tips and ideas.
  • A brief history of The Mis-Made Dollar Bill.


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