Magic Flash Cotton

  • $14.99

Flash cotton is perfect for many different fire magic tricks.  Soft white cotton that when touched to flame magically catches fire and disappears!  Can be used for literally thousands of different magic tricks!  Create the effect of an ordinary cotton ball turning into a coin!  Use it to enhance any illusion with a touch of fire!  Also ideal for flash guns, finger flashers, flash pots, and fireball launchers!

Very fibrous and fast-burning, flash cotton ignites faster and easier than Flash Paper, making it a great "primer".

A must have for every magician.  Be careful & magic at your own risk!

Each package includes 4 grams of Magic Flash Cotton.


Note:  product is shipped wet for safety, please allow time for drying once you receive it.

This is a hazardous materials product, which may increase your shipping charge.  If you're an international customer outside of the United States, please select UPS as your shipping service at checkout; UPS ships Hazmat products internationally!  Depending on your country's postal code, additional paperwork might be required for your shipment to pass through customs.