Magic Boon Writer Pencil Thumb Tip

  • $20.99

The most powerful tool a magician can use.  Convince people you have real psychic powers... even read minds.

The possibilities are truly endless with this amazing utility device.  Make written predictions that will always be correct!  Seemingly know the future and predict the outcome of impossible events!

The small pencil lead concealed in the Magic Fake Thumb Tip (one size fits most) allows you to secretly write down the audience’s answer to a question or outcome of an event on your notepad and pass it off as a prediction you wrote prior to the start of the trick.

  • Always ready to use.
  • Instantly repeatable.
  • Quality construction.

Virtually undectable, you can load, use and unload the gimmick right in front of your audience!  They will be completely amazed and convinced of your mystical powers!  Get yours today!

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