Double Cross Sharpie Magic Trick

  • $59.99

Double Cross by Mark Southworth - as seen on How To Magic!  A diabolically simple and hard hitting marker trick sure to fool anyone who crosses your path :) Draw a little X on your hand with a permanent Sharpie marker, then proceed to slowly pull the little X off the back of your hand with nothing more than your fingertips... the permanent ink is now visibly gone from your hand!  You now magically transfer it to the back of an audience member's hand!  The X in permanent marker is now impossibly on your spectator's hand!

Easy enough for beginners to master yet amazing and practical enough for working professional magicians!

  • Totally self-contained
  • No reset
  • Performed completely surrounded

Includes everything you need to start performing this astonishing illusion immediately!

Get yours today!

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