How To Magic Rising Wands

  • $10.99

The Official Magic Wand of How To Magic!  6 cool tricks in one amazing wand!  Every magician needs a wand for their kit, why not get a wand that does magic itself?  The possibilities are endless with the secret mechanism hidden inside!

  • The Rising Wand - Holding the wand in your hand, it will automatically begin to rise up out of your hand by a supernatural force!
  • The Jumping Wand - The Wand Leaps from your hand high into the air!
  • The Bottled Wand - The magic wand jumps out of a glass bottle without you touching it!  Telekinesis!
  • The Magnetic Wand - The wand sticks to your hand as if instantly magnetized to your skin!  A classic!
  • The Tricky Wand - Go to hand your audience the wand and watch it magically pull back into your hand when they reach for it!
  • The Magic Appearing Scarf Trick - Make a Silk Handkerchief appear at the top of your wand in a flash!  An Easy and beautiful illusion!
  • The movement of the wand is under your control the entire time!
  • Durable plastic construction will last for 1000s of performances
  • Perfect for Beginners and Professionals alike!

Order yours today and discover the magic for yourself!

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