Magic Mirror Card Trick (Rainbow Silver)

Magic Mirror Card Trick (Rainbow Silver)

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As seen on How To Magic, this card trick is one of the most amazing effects ever created.  Best of all it’s super easy to do; the Rainbow Silver Mirror Card does all the work for you!  And it resets for another performance instantly!  In addition to that, the gimmick itself will last forever (literally 1000s of performances if you take care of it :)

Here's what happens: You present a pocket-sized mirror.  You then have your spectator sign their name on the face of the mirror with a marker.  Ask to borrow their smartphone, open the camera app... you snap a picture of them holding the signed mirror.  They pick a card from a standard deck... As they think about the card they chose, you encourage them to look at the picture you took a few moments ago... somehow the mirror they are holding in the photo has magically changed into the card they selected!  WITH THEIR SIGNATURE ON IT!  Truly astonishing!  Invented by the genius Japanese magician Higar, this trick should be a part of every magicians magic kit!


  • Expo brand Dry Erase Marker
  • Rainbow Silver Magic Mirror Card
  • Printed Step By Step Instructions

The included marker is an Expo brand dry erase marker for signing the Mirror Card.  Never sign the card with a permentant marker!  The Magic Mirror Card is infinitely reusable, super exclusive & rare, and will last you for many many years of amazing magic!

Note from Evan: My favorite part of the trick is that the picture of them holding their signed card lives on forever as a souvenir in their photos; so each time they see it they will be reminded of you and your mind-blowing magic!

Watch the video below for a performance and explanation of the trick!

Get your Magic Mirror Card today!

Phantom Card Silver (Rainbow Silver) by Higar.  Patent Pending.  Suit and Value of Mirror Card will vary based on manufacturers availability.

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