Linking Floss Picks Trick

  • $36.99

Chuck Crespo's Flosso is a classic of magic - but miniaturized and completely organic with everyday objects!

Right in front of their noses, 2 floss picks visibly link together.  Just as cleanly, the flossers magically melt apart - a matter-through-matter that leaves everyone blinking in amazement!

For the climax, the 2 flossers unlink by themselves and fall right into the spectators' hands.  Best of all, you're left completely clean!  You'll love Chuck's thinking behind this - you're so far ahead there's no way they can reconstruct what just happened!

Flosso is easy to perform - anyone can do it.  You can be carefree with the moves because the prop's foolproof - spectator's can stare directly at the method and not see it - it’s that clean!  Additionally, it can be repeated in front of the same audience as many times as you like without revealing its secret!  Instant reset!

Flosso's a real head scratcher that leaves your audience's dumbfounded - and convinced you can do the impossible. Flosso not only fits in your pocket... it belongs there.

Chuck Crespo's Flosso includes all gimmicks plus detailed online video instructions.  Order your set now!

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