Knife Thru Arm Magic Trick

Knife Thru Arm Magic Trick

  • $49.99

As seen on How To Magic!  The magician shows a large dangerous-looking knife.  He moves it against his left arm as if cutting a vegetable. Then suddenly the blade penetrates the arm and blood comes oozing out from around the wound!  The audience can visually see the blade going through the magicians arm!  All the while the magician remains completely safe and unharmed thanks to the clever construction of this brilliant gimmicked knife. This is a very disturbing illusion and a sure shock to the spectators!  

Perfect to freak people out on Halloween, or any time of year!

*Please note that while this effect looks dangerous, the knife blade is completely dull and is 100% safe to perform*

(Stage blood optional and not included with effect)

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